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Core Skills

  1. Solid defender who can tackle larger athletes in tight situations
  2. Can cover middle channels, and far channels in the defensive wall (4 – 12 wide of the ruck). Can tackle backs in wide situations and open-field / transition. Can defend in isolation, connecting forwards from set-piece with outside backs, maintaining integrity of defensive wall. 
  3. Excellent pass on the run up to 20 meters. Does not take up receivers’ space when passing. Delicacy of passing skill--can either push-pass short or spin-pass long in the same movement.
  4. Can attack the tackle line flat & aggressively.
  5. Good poaching skills. 



  1. Able to perform correct technique of all core skills under pressure. 
  2. Ball playing abilities.
  3. Communicator.
  4. Decision Making & game understanding abilities.
  5. Kicking variations. 

Strength & Conditioning

  1. Repeated anaerobic effort ability
  2. 5-10m agility at pace
  3. Aerobic endurance
  4. 10-30m speed

Long-Term Athlete Development

  1. U16 & Younger: Ball-movement & defending ball-movement
  2. U17 - U19: Kicking & Exits
  3. 20+: Physicality, contact ability
  4. A secondary fly-half with additional contact management skills.
  5. Aggressive, confident decision maker.