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Core Skills

  1. Solid defender who can tackle larger athletes in tight situations
  2. Can cover middle channels, and far channels in the defensive wall (4 – 12 wide of the ruck). Can tackle backs in wide situations and open-field / transition. Can defend in isolation. 
  3. Pass on the run up to 20 meters. 
  4. Can attack the tackle line flat & aggressively.
  5. Excellent poaching skills. 



  1. Able to perform correct technique of all core skills under pressure. 
  2. Linebreak abilities (evasive skill and outside speed).
  3. Off-load abilities.
  4. Ruck entry (CC).

Strength & Conditioning

  1. Repeated anaerobic effort ability
  2. 5-10m agility at pace
  3. 10-30m speed

Long-Term Athlete Development

  1. U16 & Younger: Ball-movement & defending ball-movement
  2. U17 - U19: Kicking & Exits
  3. 20+: Physicality, contact ability
  4. Aggressive. Composed. Patient.