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Core Skills

  1. Solid defender who can tackle larger athletes in tight situations
  2. Can cover middle channels, and far channels in the defensive wall (4 – 12 wide of the ruck). Can “sweep” from behind the defensive wall. 
  3. Excellent pass with both hands & no pick-up or back-swing off the ground up to 20 meters. Ability to read both sides of the ruck and move the ball rapidly to best options. 
  4. Decent poaching skills and understanding of when opportunities at the tackle contest present when in the sweep defensive role. 
  5. Can slide and back to feet quickly. Can catch a kick under pressure. 

Scrum Skills

  1. Ability to work with forwards and hooker on ball feed. 
  2. Ability to connect with No. 8 on distribution from scrum. 
  3. Can attack rapidly off of the scrum. 

Lineout Skills

  1. Can play the 5 meter channel as well as off the back of the lineout defensively. 
  2. Ability to attack the tight-channels off the back of the lineout. 
  3. Ability to pass up to 20 meters off the lineout. 


  1. Able to perform correct technique of all core skills under pressure. 
  2. All SH passing skill variations.
  3. All SH kicking variations (box kick, clearance kick, grubber kick).
  4. Communicator.
  5. Decision making & game understanding abilities. 

Strength & Conditioning

  1. Aerobic endurance
  2. Close quarters agility
  3. Repeated effort ability
  4. 5-20m acceleration

Long-Term Athlete Development

  1. U14: Develop SH Clearance Pass
  2. U16 & Younger: Ball-movement & defending ball-movement
  3. U17 - U19: Kicking & Exits
  4. 20+: Physicality, contact ability
  5. Quality communicator, organizer, composed, tough.