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Core Skills

  1. Dominant defender in tight situations. Ability to knee cap at ruck.
  2. Can cover in both tight and middle channels in the defensive wall (1 – 6 wide of the ruck).
  3. Push pass under pressure both sides to 5m.
  4. Ability to hit high number of rucks per match. 
  5. Makes a physical impact in clear-outs at ruck/ability to move players at the ruck.
  6. Ability to use arm length to destabilize tackler, garner separation, and promote positive ball transfer.

Scrum Skills

  1. Ability to play both sides of the scrum. 
  2. Ability to maintain stable and strong body profile in chaotic environment.
  3. Powerful drive and ability to maintain strength throughout scrum. 

Lineout Skills

  1. Rapid jumping ability from both static and moving positions. 
  2. Excellent catching skills of ball above head. “Soft hands.”
  3. Strong, stable, and “long” profile in the air. 
  4. Ability to lift at front and back of jumpers. 
  5. Ability to move quickly from various lifting positions. 


  1. Able to perform correct technique of all core skills under pressure.
  2. Aerial expert kickoff & lineout. 
  3. Ruck entry.
  4. Connected with prop & drive at scrum.

Strength & Conditioning

  1. Repeated anaerobic effort ability
  2. Maximal and isometric strength
  3. Vertical jump height
  4. 5-10m acceleration

Long-Term Athlete Development

  1. U16 & Younger: Ball-movement & defending ball-movement
  2. U18 - U19: Set-Piece & Exits
  3. 20+: Physicality, vertical, ground-game superiority
  4. Analytical, problem-solver.