Track - Tackle

Key Principles

  • Approach: Stay inside the ball carrier—don’t give the ball-carrier options to step inside.
  • Launch: 
    • Stay "square" and be agile & active on feet to be able to attack the space presented by ball-carrier.
    • Be tall as long as possible then "disappear";
    • Get feet close into ball-carrier's “V”--i.e. underneath center of mass
  • Finish:
    • Chase with feet.
    • Rapidly get back on one's feet to contest ball by poach or clear out.  

“For me there must be an emphasis on the important micro mechanics during the tackle. An individual within a defense system will cause the team system to break, so the higher level you go the more important the individuals micro skills become. These need to be constantly practiced to improve individual technique and decisions making under pressure and form good habits.”
Phil Greening, USA Men’s National Sevens Team, Defense & Contact Coach

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